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Aeromatic 1912

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Aeromatic 1912

About Aeromatic 1912

Aeromatic 1912 is a German watch brand. Aeromatic exists since 1912. It's a very well known brand name and loved by aviators. Aeromatic has cooperations with Lufthansa and worn by a lot of pilots.

Aeromatic watches

Aeromatic is mainly inspired by the aviator industry. Every design is in a certain way connected to the aviation. The collections of Aeromatic are split in three main streams, these are Aviator, Classic and Retro. There are new models released regularly, and these are placed into one of these streams.


Aeromatic 1912 has Quartz, Automatic and Mechanic movements. The Automatic and Mechanic movements are very reasonable, but the quality is still at a level that you expect from Aeromatic. A well maintained automatic movement of Aeromatic still runs after 40 hours! This is a quality that you can get nowhere else for this price!